2022 AGM Announcement
The Annual General Meeting is the perfect time to share about the many great things happening through MHRP. We’d like to share a few with you, and get input into our future. Would you like to contribute to the Mental Health of Central Vancouver Island? Partner with us to journey with families caring for loved ones?
Then come join us at our Annual General Meeting at 10 AM on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. We’re meeting in the Salal Room at Oliver Woods.
In the past year, we have offered Family-to-Family education to families in the Central Island. Resourcing loved ones on how to care for those struggling with Mental Health benefits the entire community. This eight week course is a cornerstone to Mental Health Recovery Partners mission and community support. Individuals learn how to navigate diagnoses, advocate for their loved ones, prepare for the future, and more. Sitting around a table with others who are walking similar journeys is a significant part of the healing process.
Likewise, MHRP-CI offers the bi-weekly Family Support group. Families meeting with one another to share their struggles, griefs, and frustrations supports the hope that we all need in times of crisis. Simply knowing that others have walked journeys similar to yours and come out the other end is a huge encouragement. This group has continued to meet via Zoom in the interim, but will be exploring moving back to in-person or mixed gatherings in the future.
As we look to the future, we are excited to welcome our new Executive Director, share our hopes for the Community Education Program, and seek input on other programs and supports we can offer our broader community.
To vote, membership in MHRP-CI is a $10 fee. Any donations $25 and above are eligible for a tax receipt. Full information on our membership page.