The Mental Health Recovery Partners Society – Central VI Community Education Program offers interactive and informational mental health presentations to the community including educational institutions, workplaces, clubs and other groups/organizations. The presentations are tailored to the specific needs of the community partner audience which may include:

  • Information of types of mental illness
  • Information about local community services
  • Navigating the mental health care system
  • Treatments of mental illness
  • Information about the BC Mental Health ACT
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations simulation experience
  • A personal story from an individual living with a serious and persistent mental illness
  • A personal story from a family member navigating life with a close relative with serious and persistent mental illness

Community Education is based on a personal storytelling model. It is a unique and powerful presentation that helps people in the community to understand the nature and prevalence of chronic and severe mental illness. It is an effective way to get the message out – to students, to people employed in mental health, or to those who work daily with the public. It evokes thoughtful audience response and participation.

Community Education Presentations are booked by appointment only. Please contact the office at [email protected].

“Compassion follows understanding. It is therefore incumbent on us to understand as best we can. The burden of disease will then become lighter for all.”

– Dr. Fuller Torrey