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We support individuals living with any mental illness and their families by providing education, community, and support in Central Vancouver Island.

Do you have a family member with a mental illness? Are you wondering what services are available for serious mental illness in your community and how to access them? Need help figuring out what to do? We can help. We have staff and volunteers who can talk to you about your options and help you get connected.

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Mental illness can be a long, perilous road. Struggling to find answers, understand what is happening to your loved one, obtain a diagnosis, navigate the health system, and uncertainty around the future all add stress to relationships. You are not alone.

My husband and I took the family education program and we learned a lot about mental illness. We are better able to manage our expectations around our loved one and feel better equipped to handle any crisis that comes our way

Leslee S.

Family-to-Family Education

Critical information and strategies to care for your loved one.

Family Support Group

A caring, supportive environment for families and friends.

Community Education

Reducing stigma and raising awareness through personal storytelling.

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