Your Voice Matters

Mental Health Substance Use Advisory Committee

 Since 2015, the Mental Health Substance Use Advisory Committee (MHSUAC) has been a key place for individuals with lived experience and their loved ones to connect directly with Island Health and community organizations. The Committee exists to give a voice to all in the Nanaimo community, lowering barriers, identifying needs, gaps and opportunities, and amplifying voices and fostering real conversation for change in our community.

Advisory Committee

Why Would I Participate?

Institutional change can be difficult, with many individual voices lost in the processes. The committee exists to advocate for better care, services, and program availability, particularly when a gap in the system is identified. It is a place of open communication, where we can celebrate the recovery journey, reduce stigma and give feedback on care.

Get Connected

The committee meets every month on the second Wednesday at 11:15AM. You can join the committee in person at the 1st floor board room at 528 Wentworth Street, or virtually via WebEx.

The committee communicates via a common mailing list, which anyone who has lived experience, or is caring for an individual with lived experience is welcome to join. If you have a Google account, you can request access through the link below. You can also request to be added manually by sending MHRP an email.