Our Mission

Hope and Support for All

MHRP-CI began as a small group of caregivers meeting to share the reality of caring for their loved ones. We’ve grown to walk alongside thousands of caregivers on the long road of recovery. Whether your situation has reached a measure of stability, or you are in the midst of the storms of life, you deserve hope and support.

We Educate

Finding your loved one in crisis shakes the foundation of your world. We work alongside caregivers to educate them on skills they need to plan, survive, and thrive in their future.

We also in the community to educate workplaces, professionals and the general public to reduce stigma and increase empathy.

We Support

No one wants to find themselves in the midst of a downpour without an umbrella. We offer peer-to-peer support groups to provide safe shelter for all who need community, support, and care.

Wherever you are on the journey, you’ll find a caring family of caregivers who want to walk this journey with you.


We Advocate

The unique perspective of a caregiver is a powerful voice in a world of mental illness. We amplify the lived experiences of our families to realize change in our culture for the betterment of all of suffer from mental illness.


Do you have more questions?

We’re here to connect, resource, equip, and support you. We would love to hear more about your story and how we can come alongside you to help you through this season of life.