Community Education

Increasing Empathy

Those suffering with mental illness have many hurdles to overcome on the path to recovery. One of the most difficult hurdles is the stigma that others attach to mental illness. When someone breaks a bone, others can see the injury and easily relate. When an individual is suffering from mental illness, it is sadly common that others look down upon the individual. MHRP works with groups to curate a presentation specifically designed to their situation.

When others in the social sphere of the individual better understand the realities of their illness, they are able to empathize and understand. The simple act of creating space, understanding the difficulty that the individual is going through, and offering support can make all the difference in the road to recovery.

Empathy and Reintegration


Understanding mental illness in the workplace is complex. We work with you to unravel the complex web of reintegration, empathy, and the long road of recovery with real stories, real tools, and activities to help all coworkers empathize with the difficult journey of recovery.

You are preparing to support families and individuals with mental illness. Gain real skills to understand the underlying issues, researched facts to educate yourself, and lived experience from caregivers and individuals with mental illness to empathize with the ones you will be supporting.

Inform and Prepare


Care and Support

Social Clubs

An individual in your social sphere has gone through a traumatic experience. Your club is wondering how they can support the family and individual in this time of crisis, but don’t know what steps to take. We help inform you on the underlying realities and form a plan to care for the family and friend alike.

A member of your faith community is suffering, maybe silently. There may be a significant amount of stigma around mental health with people unsure of how to talk or support the family. MHRP can guide your community with real stories, open discussion, and exercises that help others understand the reality of living with mental illness.

Understand and Uphold

Faith Communities

Grow and Prepare

Health Care

You are a health care professional supporting individuals with mental illness, but what about the other side of the equation: their loved ones? MHRP can build a presentation to help reveal the holistic perspective on mental illness and recovery, bridging the care gap to the home and building for the rest of the patient’s life.


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