Dialogue & Action Session

Dialogue & Action Session


In 2016, the British Columbia (BC), Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG) reported that there are longstanding system-level barriers preventing certain groups of people from having their complex mental health and substance use (MHSU) needs met. In response, the Provincial MHSU Network was created to address the system-level challenges experienced by people in BC with complex MHSU and other issues.

As part of its mandate, the Provincial MHSU Network facilitates connections among a wide range of partners to co-design solutions for system improvements. Dialogue + Action (D+A) sessions are one way the Provincial MHSU Network brings people together to discuss and collaborate to better support people with unmet needs related to complex MHSU issues.

Dialogue + Action Session

The Dialogue + Action (D+A) session convenes people with lived and living experience of mental health and substance use issues (PWLLE, including families), health care professionals, service providers, and other committed representatives across various sectors and programs for the purpose of connecting, working together, and having discussions focused on identifying issues and new solutions for better ways to provide care for people in BC with complex mental health and substance use (MHSU) needs.

The Network promotes non-hierarchical, equitable and representative

Objectives of the Dialogue + Action Session

  1. Learn about regionally-relevant system-level gaps and issues in MHSU services to improve care for people in BC with complex MHSU needs;
  2. Elevate the voices and perspectives of PWLLE to better learn about and address system-level issues;
  3. Facilitate and share knowledge and information among members of the Provincial MHSU Network and related organizations to promote innovative approaches to MHSU;
  4. Create opportunities for collaboration across different groups, including PWLLE, service providers and planners, and others; and,
  5. Introduce and promote the Provincial MHSU Network.

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